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Mrs. Yamashita's Class

Digital Literacy

I believe in a successful academic and social learning experience. I assign daily homework and weekly spelling tests.  It is expected that all homework will be completed in a neat and timely manner.  I maintain a caring, structured and safe learning environment.  There is no shame, fear or humiliation for anyone in my classroom.  My classroom is always open to volunteers and throughout the year we have a lot of food, fun and fantastic learning. I try to keep an open line of communication and I am willing to listen to positive and helpful suggestions from either my students or their family.    I truly believe in respect, responsibility, and personal rights.

 Welcome to 2nd Grade Online Learning

Patience and Grace for all of our students and families.  This is definitely a new way of learning and living. It is my Hope that all families are healthy and well.  

This Wednesday, April 1st, will be our first day of online learning. Here is how it will work:

Every Monday at 8:00 a.m. I will send out a Menu of Learning. It is hoped that your student will study and complete all online assignments. They do not have to be completed in one day.  Take all week to study and understand the assignments and submit them before 6:00 p.m. on Sunday of that given week.

Attendance Assignments will be used to count Attendance for that given day. You don’t have to log on everyday but it is hoped that you will complete all assignments by the end of the given week. Three out of the Five Attendance Assignments completed will mean they had Perfect Attendance for that week.  Zero Attendance Assignments completed means the student did not attend class all week. I am positive that won’t be an issue.

All Attendance and Classroom Assignments should be submitted and they will be graded and due by Saturday. You can turn in your assignments early too. If you have any questions please feel free to email at

How Do I Start?

To Log In to start your classwork-

Go to Westview Website

Click on Links

Click on Google Apps

Click on GMAIL

Type your student email with the ending of

The beginning starts with your student’s initials and numbers. They used this log in everyday at school.  I also told them to write it down on their reading calendar.

The screen will go to a log in.

Type in your 7 digit student number

Type in the password:  asdf1234

Go to main menu and type Classrooms.  You should see the Mrs. Yamashita's Google Classroom.

Mrs.Yamashita’s Google Classroom Online Learning Platform

To Join Video Conferencing

Check your student’s email for the link. Clink join session.

This is a cool way to see everybody.

I will send out a Remind notice when to join in for a Video Chat

Please make sure that you have a quiet workstation set up.

No t.v. or music distractions for your learning.

Have your supplies all in a box or tote.

Make sure you stay on the right website and follow online safety procedures.

If you are video chatting on please make sure you have a quiet and plain background.

Make sure to complete your Attendance and Classroom Assignments from your Menu of Learning.

If you need help you can email me at

Please click on the link to go to our online learning:  Google Classroom:

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