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Ms. Mills' Classroom

Math, Reading

HI Welcome

I am Ms. Mills.   I am a licensed Special Education Teacher (Learning Specialist) at Westview Elem.   I have been teaching Special Education in Adams 12 since 2004. I have taught in Iowa and Nebraska.  I teach Math, Reading and Writing throughout the day to the students that have special needs.  I have been trained in several additional math classes such as AddVantage Math and Number Worlds Math curriculum.  This gives me additional insight in how children learn Math.  I have also been trained in Leveled Literacy, which is a reading curriculum, along with many other reading programs to assist children in reading.   I earned my Bachelor of Science degree at Dana College in Blair, NE in Elementary Ed and Special Ed.  I received my Special Education Masters degree at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS in Emotional and Behaviorally Disordered. I have been teaching Special Education since 1991.  Other responsibilities at school are that I am the Special Education Liason and I create the Yearbook.

Outside of school, I am busy with my 2 children, a boy and a girl who also attend Adams12 schools. They are active with football, Club Volleyball and piano lessons.  I Love going to kickboxing classes.  We love traveling and exploring new places. 

I am here to support students, teachers and parents through this new way of learning and continuing to grow our minds.  I am committed to each and everyone of you during this time. Please reach out to me if you need any assistance. 


Special Education services may look a variety of ways.  One thing we may be doing for your child is accommodating and providing support within the lessons that your child’s general education teacher has sent out in Schoology. We also may be sending out small group plans through the General Education Teachers Schoology or Our Own Schoology page or it may be by email, zoom or over the phone. Finally, we may be sending individual lesson plans through the General Education Teachers Schoology or Our Own Schoology page or it may be by email, zoom or over the phone.

If at any time you have questions or need guidance on how to help support your child with the provided resources, please do not hesitate to reach out! You can contact me by e-mail or by calling my office phone (We are still able to access voice messages remotely) if you have any questions or concerns. 

Checklist for Remote Learning 

This should include:

  • My device is charged.

  • My device is connected to a WiFi signal.

  • I know my student ID number.

  • I know my password.

  • I have found the Schoology icon in the Student Login Portal to log in each day.

Daily Schedule: (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) 

(S) = Synchronous (live, interactive, model lesson, etc.)

Daily Schedule: (Wednesday)

(A) = Asynchronous (prerecorded video, response to thinking prompts, etc.)

Office Hours:

Monday,Tuesday, Thrusday, Friday - TBD

Wednesday - TBD

Contact Information

Please leave me a voicemail with your name, your students name and the best phone number to reach you at, and I will return your call within 24 hours.  

School Phone: 720-972-5695 - please leave a message as I am able to receive messages on my computer from home

Learning Platform

Kindergartan - 5th Grade - Schoology