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3rd Grade

Accessing Student Google Accounts from home:

To access student Google accounts from home students will need to have their username/lunch number and password. Their password should be a color, followed by an animal, followed by a two digit number (Redfox21) with the first letter being capitalized. If students do not know all of this, it can be accessed from

From the Westview Links Page, go to Google Apps, ( and choose drive. This should direct you to the Adams 12 sign on page where they enter their student ID/ Lunch number and password. 

*If they go to, then they will need to know their email address along with their student ID/lunch number and password. Their email would be First Initial of First Name, First 3 of Last Name, Day of Birth, The Last 4 digits of your student ID #.  Example for Mark Sanchez it would be msan146454 (Mark was born on the 14th. If he was born on the 3rd it would be msan36454 note we did not use the 0 in front of the 3) would be the complete email address. 

Third grade is a very special year where your student will be transitioning from a primary to intermediate student.  We are excited to help your student become more independent and responsible learners.  

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3rd Grade Classrooms

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