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4th Grade

4th Grade Schedule: 

Daily Schedule: (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) 

8:05-8:20 Morning Meeting

8:20-8:40 Group Work

8-40-10:25 Reading

10:25-11:15 Specials

11:15-11:40 Writing

11:40-12:20 Lunch/Recess

12:20-12:45 Writing

12:45-2:10 Math

2:10-2:55 Science/Social Studies

3:00 Dismissal

Daily Schedule: (Wednesday)


Join your teachers Remind classroom for easy communication and information!

Miss Parker's Remind link ( OR text @ke3dh2 to 81010)

Ms. Black's Remind link (OR text @msblacks21 to 81010)

Ms. Peterson's Remind Link (OR text 

Accessing Student Accounts from home:

English Log In Directions 

Spanish Log In Directions 

To access student Google accounts from home students will need to have their username/lunch number and password. Their password should be a color, followed by an animal, followed by a two digit number (Redfox21) with the first letter being capitalized. If students do not know all of this, it can be accessed from

From the Westview Links Page, go to Google Apps, ( and choose drive. This should direct you to the Adams 12 sign on page where they enter their student ID/ Lunch number and password. 

*If they go to, then they will need to know their email address along with their student ID/lunch number and password. Their email would be First Initial of First Name, First 3 of Last Name, Day of Birth, The Last 4 digits of your student ID #.  Example for Mark Sanchez it would be msan146454 (Mark was born on the 14th. If he was born on the 3rd it would be msan36454 note we did not use the 0 in front of the 3) would be the complete email address. 

Fourth grade is a very exciting and challenging year.  The curriculum is centered on life in Colorado including: geography, history, economics, and science.  Students will be applying the skills they have acquired in primary grades to become active, contributing citizens of our school, community, state, and the world.

The 4th grade standards that we will be teaching this year are the following:


The student demonstrates the ability to:

• comprehend and draw evidence from literary and informational text 

• show full understanding of the text when referring to explicit details and examples

• use context to determine the meaning of words and phrases 

• explain inferences drawn from the text


The student demonstrates the ability to:

• provide effective development of ideas, including when drawing evidence from multiple sources 

• use reasoning, details, text-based evidence, and/or description 

• organize topics and ideas and include an introduction and conclusion 

• include linking words, descriptive words, and/or temporal words to express ideas with clarity


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Students will use the four operations with whole numbers

• Students will gain familiarity with factors and multiples

Number and Operations in Base Ten

Students will generalize place value and understanding for multi-digit whole numbers

Number and Operations - Fractions

Students will extend understanding of fractions

• Students will understand decimal notation

Measurement and Data

Students will solve problems involving measurement and conversion


Students will draw and identify lines and angles and their properties



• Students will use explain similarities and/or differences among organisms

• Students will evaluate fossils


Identify and describe energy sources and transfers they make through a circuit


• Students will discuss and understand stars and planets due to their relative distance from the sun

• Students will develop an explanation about relationships among components in the solar system

Science Practices

• Students will communicate scientific thinking

• Students will ask questions in order to understand concepts

Social Studies

This year, students will spend time exploring Colorado and how it connects with the rest of the United States!


• Students will explore Colorado history, including: analyzing primary sources, describing interactions among people and cultures that have lived in Colorado, analyze various eras in Colorado history and their relationship with United States history


• Students will create and investigate geographic questions about Colorado in relation to other places; use geographic grids to locate places on maps and images to answer questions; explain how physical environment influenced settlement and growth


• Students will describe unique resources and services provided in Colorado; define choice and opportunity cost


• Students will examine and discuss multiple perspectives on state issues; explain the three branches of state government and the relationships among them; describe how the decisions of the state government affect local government and interact with federal law

4th Grade Classrooms

Ms. Black's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello Westview Family! I am so excited to be part of the wonderful 4th grade team this year! I began my teaching career in 2019, and am having a blast getting to learn and grow with my students. I graduated from MSU Denver with a bachelor's...

Ms. Parker's Class

Subject: General Education
Hello! My name is Audrey Parker and I am so happy to be a part of the Westview family! I got my degree in education from the University of Northern Colorado and taught 4th grade in Greeley for one year and then taught in Spain after that for a few...

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4th Grade Newsletter

Posted: Wed, 05/06/2020 - 5:03pm
Here you will find our 4th grade monthly newsletter. This newsletter has lots of important news, dates and announcements.