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5th Grade

Fifth grade is a year of growth and transition.  In fifth grade, our mission is to prepare students for their futures in middle school and beyond.  In the long-term, we are developing skills to equip them to be life-long learners so they are better prepared for the real-world as adults.  Our goal is to make their learning experiences meaningful, engaging, and exciting. Curiosity and wonder will drive their exploration while current events provide the stage for purposeful discussion and discovery.  Students will learn to think critically and problem solve in collaborative teams. We encourage students to take risks and embrace their mistakes as opportunites for learning.  

The units of study 5th graders can look forward to in Science include Water Planet (the study of Earth, its resources and how it changes), Mixtures and Solutions (chemistry), and Body Systems.  In Social Studies, we focus on the history of the United States from the Native people who lived all throughout the country up through the American Revolution.

5th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Lage's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to my online classroom at Westview Elementary! Here you can find information regarding happenings and upcoming events in our 4th grade class. Take a look at some class photos! Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact...

Mrs. McCalmon's Class

Welcome to Mrs. McCalmon's online classroom at Westview Elementary. Here you can find information regarding the day to day happenings and upcoming events in our 5th grade class. Should you have any questions you can reach Mrs. McCalmon by clicking...