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Throughout the school year there are many fundraising events the PSP organizes.  Information is sent home with all our students, sent out via the school’s messaging service and on our Facebook page.  We know that sometimes this may feel overwhelming (at the start of the new school year especially), but it is really the bread and butter of how the PSP can do what we do for our staff and students.  We understand fundraising is not for everyone and some are simply not able to participate for whatever reason.  Please understand this is critical for our school to educate our children and support our staff in today’s world.

Planned Fundraisers for the 2018/2019 school year: (Use the drop down menu next to the Fundraising section to get an in-depth look at each fundraiser)

Believe Kids Catalog
Direct Monetary Contribution
Bites for Bytes
Box Tops
Fall Carnival
Fun Run
Holiday Store
King Soopers Community Rewards
Silent Auction
Spring Carnival
Westview T-Shirts