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Hour of Code

December 7th-11th is Hour of Code Week

Mrs. Holmes' Bitmoji Hour of Code Activities (a BIG thank you to Mrs. Cervera for this)

 Angry Bird

 Bee Sequence





 Many new links for coding games - click on your grade level

 ThinkFun Robot Repair

 Hour of Code - The Artist


 new Minecraft activities

 Star Wars

 Google Made With Code - start with the Dancing Yeti

    Tynker - Coding for Kids - lots of coding activities - click on your grade level

Make Music with Scratch

 Hour of Code Homepage - click here for more lessons and levels of difficulty

 Scratch Coding 

Videos to show to classes:

Grades 1-2 - BrainPopJr. - Computer Programming

Grades 3-5 - Hour of Code Slideshow