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Ways to Help at Home

□ Donation Coordinator

  •  Request Donations from businesses for items or gift cards for Silent Auction, Student Rewards, Teacher Appreciation, etc.
  • Supply catering, food or help contact businesses for discounts or donations.

□ PSP Newsletter

  • Help with production and distribution.

King Soopers Reward Program

  • Purchase cards through PSP, use & reload. Each time you reload, Westview benefits!
  • Encourage family and friends to purchase a card as well, even out of state.

Collect Box Tops 

  • Collect & Return Box Tops to the Box Tops Store. (See the school calendar for collection dates.)
  • Use the Bonus App: Turn your everyday receipts into cash for Westview.

Sign up and shop through ShopRaise

  • Encourage family and friends to do the same.

□ Form Creation

  • Design flyers and handouts.

□ Decoration Committee: Arikka & Grace

  • Design posters and displays.
  • Create Signs for Events\Games.

□ Thank You Committee

□ Offer Skills

  • Offer building, carpentry, or mechanical skills.

□ Participate in Fundraisers

□ Donate

  • Check out our wish list and donate items for use at our events.
  • Use your extreme couponing and deal hunting skills to purchase and donate needed items, such as refreshments, paper products, craft supplies, prizes, etc.
  • Make a monetary contribution to Westview Elementary
  • Check if your company has a policy or program to match charitable donations.

□ Follow us on social media

□ Facebook:

□ Online Sales Coordinator: Jenny

□ PSP Website Content Coordinator: Sherylin

□ PSP Facebook Coordinator: Terri

□ SignUp Genius Coordinator: Sherylin

□ Meeting Minutes: Jenny

□ Budget: Jenny

  • Balance and itemize budget from fundraising to spending, etc.