Major Saver Fundraiser with the Adams 12 Education Foundation and Westview

Where: Westview Elementary School | When: This Event Occurs on Multiple Dates (See Calendar)

Cards to be Sold

Westview will be participating in the Major Saver Fundraiser which supports the Five Star Education Foundation and our school!  Packets with more information will be sent home on the kick off date which is April 5, 2018.  The first day of order collection with Major Saver will occur on April 10 and continue through April 16, 2018.  April 16th will be the last scheduled day for students to bring in their orders.  Follow up day on April 17th (a.m.) with the office for any late orders.  This fundraiser will be customized for our district with 20 restaurant/family entertainment offers in just one card.  This is a friends and family campaign with no door-to-door selling!  Please help us raise money for a good cause which will benefit not only our school but our Education Foundation as well.