New for the 2017-18 school year

The district may implement a delayed start in case of inclement weather, rather than canceling the entire day.  

A delayed start or closure will be communicated in several different ways, including:

• District website
• Local media outlets
• Email and text message to parents

• District hotline (720) 972-4000, then press 7 • Social media (Facebook - Twitter)

Families will add two hours to the start of the school day, including adding two hours to morning bus pick-up times, morning BASE and school start times at every level.

Morning bus pick-up will add two hours to the normal pick-up; afternoon bus drop-o times will not be adjusted. 

Read attachment for more information in both English and Spanish.  BASE, Preschool, and kindergarten are impacted in different ways.

Delayed Start English Spanish.pdf327.4 KB