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Principal Letters

April 2020

Dear Westview Families,

We hope this letter finds you doing well as we all try to navigate in these unknown times. All of us at Westview are deeply saddened that we can’t finish out the year in person with you and your children. Our time with them is so valued and we miss it dearly. However, we understand the importance of everyone’s safety and want to do everything we can to continue our students’ learning and help them succeed as we complete the school year. 

Please keep the following in mind during your child’s remote learning in the next few weeks:

Read all your emails carefully- Almost all information is being passed along through email, both from the school and the district. As logistics, systems, and structures are being determined for this year and next, it will be communicated through email. To stay up to date and informed on everything please take the time to read emails thoroughly.  The district will be sending an email to all families every Thursday to update the Adams 12 Community on district wide information.

Adams 12 Website - The District Website has information regarding Remote Learning as well as additional information on the Grab and Go Lunches, Talking points for families to use with their students regarding COVID-19, and resources if you are needing Technical Help.  The information on the District Website is being updated as new information develops.

Weekly Wednesday Announcements - Starting on Wednesday, April 15th, we are going to share a Video School Announcement through email.  Some of the information we will be sharing is student and staff birthdays, special activities that are happening in classrooms, and other information that would be fun for the whole community to hear.

Teachers will be prioritizing standards in order to provide lessons and assignments focused on the highest priority learning targets- Due to the reduced amount of time students are expected to be working each day, teachers have had to determine which learning standards will prepare students most for the next grade level.  These important standards and skills will be reflected in the weekly lessons posted on grade level learning boards throughout the next six weeks.  

Office Hours- All of the Westview certified staff have two hours a day (M-F) that they will be available to individually support you and your child. These hours are posted on each grade level’s main webpage on the Westview website. Office hours are a time when staff members are available to answer your questions and help you and your child with any challenges that are arising in the remote learning process.  We are encouraging our staff members to not be on their computers 24/7. Please understand that if they receive an email or question outside of their office hours they might not respond immediately, but will follow up with you at their next designated office hour.

Weekly assignments and Learning Boards- On classroom webpages, you will find access to the classroom Learning Platform (Google Classroom for grades 1-5 and Seesaw for kindergarten and ELD). Once in the learning platform, you will find a week’s worth of learning and assignments for your child. This work is designed to be “asynchronous” which means it can be done at your family’s convenience. Therefore, a student can do it all at once or space it out throughout the week. New Learning Boards will be posted every Monday morning at 8am. All work for the week is due by Sunday evenings at 6pm.

Work should not exceed 60 minutes a day (5 hours a week) for Kinder-2nd Grade students and 90 minutes a day (7 ½ hours a week) for 3rd-5th Grade students.  Students can access the resources, complete, and turn in tasks at a time of convenience for them (or their parents) within the week. 

Attendance - Student attendance will be taken on a weekly basis.  Information on what a grade level’s requirements are for a student to be marked Present is located on the grade level’s classroom webpage.  Administrators are looking at student attendance and will be working with other staff members to find ways on how we can support students who are not attending and/or participating in Remote Learning.  

Thank you for your patience during this time of Remote Learning.  Each day we learn something new about teaching remotely and are trying our best to make Remote Learning as positive as possible for all the students and families.

The Westview staff misses each and every one of you and cannot wait until we see you all in person!  Check out our Westview Video to see some familiar faces.

Thank you for letting us work with your students remotely. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.   At Westview we are Always Learning, Growing, Improving - Together!  

Stephanie Frankenfeld


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