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The Five Fingertips - WVE Social Emotional

Social-emotional learning is at the heart of our school community here at Westview. This year, we are so excited to be implementing the Five Fingertips Social-Emotional Learning as one of our supplementary SEL curriculums.  The Five Fingertips is designed by our very own Social-Emotional Learning Specialist, Katie Quick. 

This groundbreaking, restorative curriculum is built on the foundation of the Five Fingertips, a set of SEL-based core values and foundational ethics that empower us to reach our highest potential, while guiding us toward creating a more loving and compassionate culture and climate here at Westview. The curriculum will also help to build community as well as provide equity of voice so that each student feels seen, heard, and valued for exactly who they are. 

“High Five” Student of the Week

Every student deserves to feel special. The High Five Student of the Week recognition will give each student at Westview a chance to be honored for exactly who they are. This is not a reward based on academic achievement, but one that allows the student to receive positive attention “just because.”

Each week, one student from each class will be featured as the “High Five Student of the Week.”  The Student of the Week will be honored on Monday morning announcements, have their picture featured on the hallway bulletin board, receive special classroom privileges that week, and be entered into a monthly drawing for a prize. Every student at Westview (including students learning remotely) will have a chance to be featured as Student of the Week. We are so proud of our students and are so excited to celebrate them for being part of our amazing community.