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Summer Chromebook Care

Summer Chromebook Care

DO these things with your Chromebook:

  • Use your Chromebook! Visit for suggestions!
  • Keep your Chromebook charged
  • Get help if you have a problem with your Chromebook (see help section below)
  • Keep your Chromebook in a secure, locked location when it is not with you
  • Be responsible and use your best judgment to care for your Chromebook
  • Immediately Contact the police and your school if the Chromebook is stolen
  • Bring your Chromebook on the first day of school - you will need it

DON’T DO these things with your Chromebook:

  • Loan your Chromebook to anyone
  • Leave your Chromebook unattended
  • Leave your Chromebook in a locked car where it is visible from the outside
  • Leave your Chromebook in the hot sun (including in a car) or outside in the elements
  • Place heavy objects on top of your Chromebook
  • Carry your Chromebook by its screen
  • Close your Chromebook with objects on the keyboard

Where and when to get help:

  • If you are an Adams 12 family and need technical assistance related to district-provided technology, please submit a service request at our Family Support Website: (fastest response) or call (720) 972-4118

REMEMBER! You are responsible!

The Chromebook belongs to Adams 12 Five Star Schools and is an instructional material checked out to the student. The student and their parents/guardians are responsible to keep the Chromebook safe and secure from loss and/or damage. Fees for loss of or damage to the Chromebook will be charged to the student’s school account.