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Westview welcomes Hispanic Heritage Month with open arms

Westview welcomes Hispanic Heritage Month with open arms

At Westview Elementary, Hispanic Heritage Month was celebrated in several ways. In the ELD classrooms, Cabrini Lovato and Katie Berg had students make flags from all of the different Spanish speaking countries to hang all around our school. They also invited in Robert Buster, custodian, to share his passion of wrestling which tied directly into the Hispanic culture of Luchadores. Students watched an amazing video and were also gifted tickets to an upcoming battle in Westminster and their very own authentic Mexican masks to take home from Mr. Buster. In Art, Misti Foret had several of her classes create sugar skulls known as calaveras. Also at Westview, Kristie Patrick, posted an amazing display of Hispanic leaders at Westview, in Adams 12 and in American history.

"So many students and staff felt empowered and honored during this past month as we shined a spotlight on the Hispanic culture!" - Cabrini Lovato